The risks and threats posed today by criminals, espionage, terrorists, protestors and extremists towards individuals, businesses, major events and nations continue to grow. These threats are worsened by cyber vulnerabilities, which are being increasingly exploited. Consequently, both the UK and global security markets are growing and diversifying to becoming evermore complex and multi-faceted.

atmaana ensures buyers get the security they need

Wherever threats arise and in whatever form, security measures to defeat them will not be effective unless the risks are fully understood and the right strategy is in place to address them. Atmaana specialises in ensuring that the appropriate strategies and solutions are in place to overcome these challenges.

Too often uncertainty and confusion about who is responsible for what, what resources are available, how incidents are dealt with mean that investment in people, equipment and training is wasted.  Suppliers and operating companies are blamed for failings, which they cannot address - and clients, whether infrastructure owners or governments, despair because they do not know how to achieve the improvements they need.

We at atmaana have the ability to correct these failings by working with companies and their clients to put in place the right strategic framework for success.  We can:

  • Identify and assess threats and risk and the security measures that will defeat them
  • Prepare the strategic framework for the effective delivery of the security measures; we will develop security measurable, repeatable KPI germane to their threat and risks
  • Facilitate the right relationship between organisations on the client-side and suppliers to enable effective on the ground operations
  • Assess the resources needed for successful sustained operations, identifying where organisational efficiencies can help
  • Design the command and control framework that will deal with routine operations and manage crisis
  • Design training, exercise, audit and review arrangements for the security measures.

atmaana helps companies succeed in the security market

There are a bewildering number of security buyers and suppliers in what remains a fragmented sector globally.  The UK government has recognised that this is a moment of opportunity for the security industry and is promoting UK expertise heavily in support of government-led contracts throughout the world.  New potential opportunities are being created for companies already in the security sector to increase their market share, as well as for new entrants with both new and existing customers.

At atmaana, we have the team who can support you to succeed in this market.  Our experts have long and diverse experience as users, buyers and suppliers of security products and services. We have a deep understanding from direct experience of public and private sector security needs.  We can help you cut through the complexity of the market by identifying the opportunities that are right for your business and support the creation of a strategy for success.

atmaana can support you to:

  • Develop a strategy and plan for entry or growth in the security market
  • Analyse security opportunities and develop winning solutions
  • Evaluate and develop winning value propositions and bid responses
  • Conduct competitor evaluations and market positioning
  • Understand the rapidly-emerging technology in this sector
  • Reach and influence opinion-formers and decision-makers at a range of levels

Our portfolio of clients includes blue chip companies and government departments, and we have also partnered with other organisations to develop and deliver solutions across many sectors.  We work with other consultancies when that best delivers the right to bring strategic vision.  We can join at appropriate stages on both client-side and supply side.

We form long-standing relationships based on quality, trust, respect and integrity, and shared values and culture.  This is demonstrated by many years of on-going engagement with our clients and partners.

Our flexible teams are made up of senior experts who have worked for many years at the highest levels of security strategy and management in the UK and elsewhere.