DSTL – Evacuation Plan For Enclosed Area

DSTL – Evacuation Plan For Enclosed Area

The government’s Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) required the creation of a new and improved on-site evacuation plan.

Challenge: As part of DSTL’s overall Site Strategy Review, they upgraded their processes and documentation for the task of evacuating personnel safely and quickly from the enclosed area of the Porton Down site. atmaana was tasked with producing an effective evacuation plan, including an evacuation exercise to confirm the validity of the proposed plan.

Solution: atmaana worked with DSTL to allow for a staged evacuation of the enclosed area. This included collaborating with the client to conduct interviews, document analysis and workshop meetings with key stakeholders and emergency staff and management experts. A straightforward and capable plan was developed and agreement was reached with key stakeholders up to Director.

Result: The solution provided by atmaana was accepted by DSTL as the most efficient and effective plan. atmaana equipped DSTL with the knowledge and strategy to deliver its evacuation plan, following which DSTL were then able to build the evacuation plan into a larger project dealing with emergencies. This project highlights atmaana’s ability to be flexible and integrate with the client’s way of working, making it easier for the client to incorporate improvements into its existing structures and business processes.

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