Lockheed Martin UK

Lockheed Martin UK

Advanced technology specialist Lockheed Martin UK required bid support on a major refresh of the Metropolitan Police Service’s command and control system.

Challenge: atmaana were retained to provide domain expertise to support Lockheed Martin and its partners Capita and KPMG in their bid to undertake the Metropolitan Police Service’s (MPS) first major refresh of the command and control system in 30 years. The contract was worth £90m and with support could last up to 17 years.

Solution: atmaana conducted a client analysis and delivered workshops to ensure the bid team were fully engaged with the complexity of governance and mission of the MPS. atmaana also assisted in the development of a stakeholder map, identifying important individuals and key influencers within the MPS that helped to inform the overall strategy, including ‘win themes’, communications, and played a key role in the drafting of the tender response to ensure the closest fit with the language, culture, aspirations, risks and issues of the customer. This also included membership of the two stage technical review process designed to refine the bid documentation. atmaana provided SME advice throughout the bid process and formed part of the critical friend panel which strategically reviewed the presentation of the bid to the MPS.

Result: Lockheed Martin won the bid. Positive feedback was given by the customer regarding the clear understanding shown by the Lockheed Martin team of the reality of the policing environment, its accountability and governance.

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