Automotive MOD Client – Bid Support


Automotive MOD Client – Bid Support

An automotive MoD client needed support on an MoD bid; an area the client had no previous experience in.

Challenge: Our client was bidding for an MOD tender for wide range of military transport vehicles, worth £1.2bn and with support lasting 25 years. Having had no previous experience of tending for MOD contracts, the client was critically looking for reliable and knowledgable support.

Solution: atmaana worked with the client to create a thorough strategy that accounted for the client’s need to build strong foundations for this and any future potential MOD bids. This included conducting a competitor analysis and creating a stakeholder map, identifying important individuals on local and national government levels and within the automotive industry. atmaana managed the overall strategy, including ‘win themes’, communications strategy, political lobbying and collaborated with the client to write the tender response.

Result: The client was declared the winner of the bid. In line with atmaana’s approach to consultancy, the client continued to be supported in the delivery programme, including supporting with arrangements for spare parts, Earned Value Management and other administrative requirements. atmaana’s work extended to project management of additional protective armour upgrades and meeting Urgent Operation Requirements.

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