ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers)

ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers)

ACPO required support to provide the first UK wide mutual aid resource management software.

Challenge: ACPO required support to secure the first UK wide mutual aid resource management software (Mercury) to be managed within the NPoCC (National Police Coordinating Centre).

Solution: atmaana was drafted in to provide strategic support and direct procurement support. atmaana used UK Government framework agreements and prepared the contract documentation.

Result: Home Office funding was obtained and the system was commissioned and delivered in time and on budget. atmaana was retained to support the additional challenge of the short notice G8 summit in Northern Ireland and its impact on the Mercury system. Mercury ensured appropriate resources were supplied to PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland).

Additional support: atmaana was again asked to support ACPO upon request from Police Scotland for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Their requirements for Mercury were not available on the system as commissioned. atmaana provided strategic advice and direct procurement support to a further commission.

Result: Joint funding was agreed by Police Scotland and ACPO. Sole supplier procurement process successful. Software provider KPMG delivered enhanced Mercury which is now set up for internal force planning as well as mutual aid. Mercury was made available to all forces in the UK and used for preparing for the Games. It is now used as the UK police resource software system.

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